Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day Three: Pleasantly Weird

Ok, this will be short. Albert and I have suddenly gotten busy at the agency. It's a good change for us. The last shop in chicago we were at began to slow down and this one is moving at the speed of light. We're lucky. So, yesterday we spotted some interesting architecture. Kinda old school, but you never see these buildings anymore.

After work Albert went to go sign his lease and I went back to Friday's because it's close. Again, I can't tell you how much this place is the ultimate afterwork joint. Who'd think it? So, I chilled with my new homie (who will remain nameless). Also, Wednesday night is sexy super-hero night. All the staff wears skimpy superhero out fits. My favorite was this chic in a Robin outfit that seemed appropriate only for the bedroom. See the pics below of her at the cash register.

At the end of the night my new Detroit friend, Albert and myself decide to try this bar in Detroit called BANKO'S -
It was interesting to say the least. It was a dive. The bathroom had one sink and it was in the stall next to the toilet. ???????
We're not gonna rate this place, but what I will say is that - you DO NOT WANT TO VISIT THIS PLACE. The bartender was more interested in facebook than making money. BANKO'S is NOT worth the rating. Thank God for good friends and interesting convo. See pic of this hell hole below.

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