Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen: Weeks End.

So I went home to see my wife and baby. They will be joining me in Royal Oak after the holidays. Aubrey hung out with a co-worker on Friday and watched MMA. And on Saturday he went to the GREEKTOWN CASINO - http://www.greektowncasino.com/. The place is very cool. He doesn't gamble but that doesn't mean you cant go watch the poker players. Poker Players are cool. The rest of his weekend was closed off at his new homes (INN PLACE and YE OL' SALOON).  
The INN PLACE had an anniversary on Sunday night with free shots for the whole bar. I hope Aubrey is telling the truth cuz his ass was supposed to pick me up at the Royal Oak AMTRAK station on Monday morning at 1am. But he went home to sleep and I ended up walking home again. I have to get a cheap used car soon cuz being a Mexican and walking down dark ass suburban streets at 1 a.m. is a pretty scary thing. Overall, I recommend you check out the GREEKTOWN Casino. The decor is great and the food is delightfully yummy.
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