Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Nine: We Rep Hard!!!

Yesterday we went to lunch at a place called DINO'S LOUNGE -
It was cool. We went with one of the agency producers, Michelle. She frequents this place and as a matter of fact they know her by name. The atmosphere here kicks butt. Its all about movies and music. They have AWESOME food. You can't beat a $5.00 meatloaf sandwich. The staff was friendly and the Bartenders were really cute girls. After a couple rounds we went over to GRIOT EDITORIAL - to say hi to our ECD. Here are the images from DINO'S.

After that we had more drinks with some of my favorite Reps, Helen Kaye and Joanne. They're awesome and they have a new company called Two Birds. 

We met at some restaurant called BASTONE - in Royal Oak. The pizza didn't look good, so Albert and I didn't touch it. Here are the images. But I wont be going back. No personality there. Just o.k. drinks. Whomp Whomp. We met a cool Director that they are repping. So a couple of the guys decided we wanted to go back to Cheetahs. So off we went. Read blog from a couple days ago to find out about that place. I really dig it there. Unfortunately, there are no pics.

The night ended on us going back to try another Coney Dog on 12 Mile and Main. They were YUMMY (yoda voice). And this time no pain. We're becoming official Detrotians.

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