Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Sixteen: Bowl, Bowl On.

So after work we met a really good friend and editor from Chicago at tgif, GEORGE FRIEDMAN - We had a couple cocktails with him and he was off to a Phish concert. Me and Albert don't dig on Phish so we didn't go. Instead we went to a co-workers (Justin Trapp) B-Day party at HARTFIELD LANES Bowling Alley in Berkeley. The place had great old school ambiance and classic decor. Not one of those fancy TIN-PIN places at the house of blues. On the right day you may actually find Fonzie here. We suggest you check out this place for bowling and all around good fun and good laughs. And the food wasn't that bad either (and you may actually find Al cooking here too). Only downfall was the smell of feet, mildew and smokes. See rating below.

It was nice to see so many of the invited people show up to the bowling alley. Sike. Not many showed. I hope these folks at the agency love to kick it as much as me and albert. At least I know the ones that did show up last night are real troopers. Consider yourself warned people. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day Fourteen & Fifteen: Untitled

On Monday I woke up to an email from someone at the agency announcing that our print ads calling for creatives to consider Detroit and our blog went up. We also had a five minute window to interview ROB HENDRICKSON, Creative Director here at GlobaHue about his feelings on Detroits Ad scene and what he looks for in potential creative prospects.

A fellow co-worker suggested we try a restaurant in Southfield called BEANS AND CORNBREAD - This was the best reco we've had thus far. Aubrey had salmon croquettes and fried catfish. Albert had jerk chicken, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Albert loves loves starch. Fat guy. Also for all you drunks out there they have $1.99 peach martinis on Monday. It wasn't too much of a scene, but there were plenty of single people to go around. And perhaps married ones too if thats what you dig. SIDENOTE: They have a martini named GRAPE Kool-Aid. NICE!!! Who doesn't like grape kool-aid? Good looking on the reco Trapp. See the rating below.

After lunch we started reading all the comments about the print ads and our blog. It's great to see all the passion the people of the "D" have for their city. We're honored to be living here.

Later that evening we hit REVIVE boutique in Birmingham. Pretty dope spot. They carry mostly THE HUNDREDS L.A. brand and some of their own. They also have cool mountain bikes. One cool feature was the VIP room, which i'm sure Aubrey will constantly be in. You may wanna check it out but be prepared to spend between $400 - $1,000 for a pair of kicks. Or if you got your income taxes, this would be a good place (THE VIP ROOM) to go. There's also an X-Box in the VIP area as well. Albert's on a budget so he didn't get anything (trying to get a hooptie). But in typical Aubrey fashion he bought a couple things. See our rating below.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen: Weeks End.

So I went home to see my wife and baby. They will be joining me in Royal Oak after the holidays. Aubrey hung out with a co-worker on Friday and watched MMA. And on Saturday he went to the GREEKTOWN CASINO - The place is very cool. He doesn't gamble but that doesn't mean you cant go watch the poker players. Poker Players are cool. The rest of his weekend was closed off at his new homes (INN PLACE and YE OL' SALOON).  
The INN PLACE had an anniversary on Sunday night with free shots for the whole bar. I hope Aubrey is telling the truth cuz his ass was supposed to pick me up at the Royal Oak AMTRAK station on Monday morning at 1am. But he went home to sleep and I ended up walking home again. I have to get a cheap used car soon cuz being a Mexican and walking down dark ass suburban streets at 1 a.m. is a pretty scary thing. Overall, I recommend you check out the GREEKTOWN Casino. The decor is great and the food is delightfully yummy.
See the rating below.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Ten: Uber Tired

Albert finally got Comcast to come out to his house. He watched cable all night. I stayed at work late, ate tacos, sipped a little jack daniels then went to sleep. Age is catching up. We're uber tired. Oh, there is a taco joint that is damn good. It's off of 11 mile and Main, it's called ZUMBA  -

Kinda like a fresher, more tastier, more expensive, more authentic, more sexier Taco Bell. Okay, it's nothing like the bell. I get the ground beef tacos and they are delicious. Albert gets the Stewed chicken Tacos. I ate eight of these things the other day. Here's the menu and a couple shots I found of the place.
And since Albert is Mexicano he feels like he can find somewhere better. Me, if the records not broke then don't try to fix it. Yummmmmmmmmmy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Nine: We Rep Hard!!!

Yesterday we went to lunch at a place called DINO'S LOUNGE -
It was cool. We went with one of the agency producers, Michelle. She frequents this place and as a matter of fact they know her by name. The atmosphere here kicks butt. Its all about movies and music. They have AWESOME food. You can't beat a $5.00 meatloaf sandwich. The staff was friendly and the Bartenders were really cute girls. After a couple rounds we went over to GRIOT EDITORIAL - to say hi to our ECD. Here are the images from DINO'S.

After that we had more drinks with some of my favorite Reps, Helen Kaye and Joanne. They're awesome and they have a new company called Two Birds. 

We met at some restaurant called BASTONE - in Royal Oak. The pizza didn't look good, so Albert and I didn't touch it. Here are the images. But I wont be going back. No personality there. Just o.k. drinks. Whomp Whomp. We met a cool Director that they are repping. So a couple of the guys decided we wanted to go back to Cheetahs. So off we went. Read blog from a couple days ago to find out about that place. I really dig it there. Unfortunately, there are no pics.

The night ended on us going back to try another Coney Dog on 12 Mile and Main. They were YUMMY (yoda voice). And this time no pain. We're becoming official Detrotians.