Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Sixteen: Bowl, Bowl On.

So after work we met a really good friend and editor from Chicago at tgif, GEORGE FRIEDMAN - We had a couple cocktails with him and he was off to a Phish concert. Me and Albert don't dig on Phish so we didn't go. Instead we went to a co-workers (Justin Trapp) B-Day party at HARTFIELD LANES Bowling Alley in Berkeley. The place had great old school ambiance and classic decor. Not one of those fancy TIN-PIN places at the house of blues. On the right day you may actually find Fonzie here. We suggest you check out this place for bowling and all around good fun and good laughs. And the food wasn't that bad either (and you may actually find Al cooking here too). Only downfall was the smell of feet, mildew and smokes. See rating below.

It was nice to see so many of the invited people show up to the bowling alley. Sike. Not many showed. I hope these folks at the agency love to kick it as much as me and albert. At least I know the ones that did show up last night are real troopers. Consider yourself warned people. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!

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