Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Five, Six, Seven: First Weekend Aubrey Edition

So, Albert left and went back to Chicago to see his wife. I'm still in Detroit (Royal Oak) looking for something to do. It's Friday and a friend of mine has come to town from Chicago. He asks me to meet him out at The Black Finn (see previous blog). So I meet him there only to be bombarded with a crap load of drunk, ignorant barely legal age college students. Jeez I hate them. After twenty minutes in line I finally get in. It was wall to wall. I have a big gut so it was difficult maneuvering around. There were people everywhere. It was so hot and crowded, the bar was soaked with beer. Time to friggin go. I hate college kids that just started drinking. So, we walked over to O'tooles in Royal Oak. Now, that place was cool.
Check them out when you get here. Nothing like a good old Irish bar.

Saturday me and a friend went to MEMPHIS SMOKE - a rustic kinda BBQ joint. The food was awesome. I ordered beef brisket and catfish. My friend ordered crab legs. The food was awesome. Try this joint if you're ever in Royal Oak and are yearning for BBQ.

Later that evening we hit up a spot called YE OLD SALOON -
Nothing much here. Just a good old dive with a jukebox and a punching bag machine.
That comes in handy when you think about all the time Account  people have tried to kill your ideas. Damn Account people :/

So after the bar scene I finally decided to brave a Coney Island Hot dog. Detroit is kinda famous for
these bravely prepared meat things. The ambiance in this place depends on which one you go to. This one was kind of a scene. They'd bring out cheese to the drunk hungry people and then set it on fire (that's a good idea???). The crowd loves it. They go bananas. So, it's my turn to order..."one coney island dog to go." I get it and leave. See the pics above. Going down, it was yummy. A beef hot dog topped with real chili, onions and cheese. Twenty minutes later pain set in. Real official pain.
I recommend highly to NOT TRY ONE OF THESE THINGS. Let the good people of Detroit have their "own" thing. As for me, I'm sticking with Chicago pizza, Italian Beefs and Harold's Chicken Shack.

On Sunday I took a break from partying. I went to the movies to see Capitalism - A love story. Figured I support a local Michigan Director. Sorry Michael Moore - I feel asleep. I recommend you check out this quaint little theater in Royal Oak on Main -


  1. Try Pizza Papalis or Buddy's Pizza! I hate to say it but I think it's topping Chicago pizza...

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. But beating Chicago? Wow! Is it deep dish?