Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Ten: Uber Tired

Albert finally got Comcast to come out to his house. He watched cable all night. I stayed at work late, ate tacos, sipped a little jack daniels then went to sleep. Age is catching up. We're uber tired. Oh, there is a taco joint that is damn good. It's off of 11 mile and Main, it's called ZUMBA  -

Kinda like a fresher, more tastier, more expensive, more authentic, more sexier Taco Bell. Okay, it's nothing like the bell. I get the ground beef tacos and they are delicious. Albert gets the Stewed chicken Tacos. I ate eight of these things the other day. Here's the menu and a couple shots I found of the place.
And since Albert is Mexicano he feels like he can find somewhere better. Me, if the records not broke then don't try to fix it. Yummmmmmmmmmy!


  1. Guys, when the enchantment of Royal Oak wears off and you want to eat some REAL tacos, just let me know and we'll go chase the tacos trucks in Mexicantown.

  2. Jeanne, we'd love to. We haven't made our way there yet. Tell us where to meet you and we are THERE! Nothing better than Taco Trucks. And we probably could take cool pics of them as well.

  3. Ahhh yes, I remember Mexicantown from my short time as a Detroit resident...LOVE.

    Greektown and Hamtramck were also amazing and a little falafel place near Wayne State I think... One thing I remember about Detroit is loving the food!